PH Gov’t Urges Public to Conserve Water, Advises Filipinos to Avoid Using Bidets

PH Gov’t Advises Filipinos to Avoid Using Bidets to Conserve Water Amid El Niño Season

The Philippine government is urging the public to avoid using bidet to conserve water as well as flushing toilets frequently.

On Tuesday (April 2, 2024), the El Niño Task Force spokesperson Asec. Joey Villarama said that the government is encouraging the public to conserve water amidst the ongoing water crisis caused by El Niño.

Villarama explained that simple actions like refraining from frequent toilet flushing and minimizing the use of bidets can make a huge difference in water conservation efforts.

Conserve Water

Instead of flushing every time, individuals are advised to consider alternatives such as using a bucket to flush or adjusting the floater inside the toilet tank to reduce water wastage.

“Kung minsan iihi tayo, hindi naman ganoon kasangsang yung amoy, puwede pa namang may gumamit pa bago mag-flush… Huwag po na every time gumamit ng palikuran ay mag-flush po agad,” he said.

The official also suggests using a dipper or tabo when taking a bath as a more water-efficient alternative to showers or bidets. He explained that bidets can be particularly wasteful due to the excessive amount of water they spray.

Conserve Water

The public is encouraged to be mindful of water usage when washing clothes.

Villarama suggests choosing for laundromats over manual washing at home, as they tend to be more water-efficient. The government is also calling upon establishments such as golf courses, subdivisions, and condominiums to take measures to conserve water.

The proposal includes refraining from cleaning swimming pools and other facilities and shutting off main water valves during off-peak hours.

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While the water level of the Angat Dam, which supplies water to Metro Manila and surrounding areas, is currently above the critical level, proactive conservation efforts are crucial to relieve the impact of the water crisis.

According to the El Niño Task Force personnel, these simple yet effective water-saving practices, individuals can contribute to ensuring a sustainable water supply for all.

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