Family from Cebu Put Under Strict Quarantine Over Fake COVID Results

Family Present Fake COVID-19 Test Results Put Under Strict Quarantine After presenting fake COVID-19 test results to travel going to Iloilo, authorities put the family from Cebu under strict home quarantine. On their way back to Iloilo from Cebu, four members of a family and their driver were discovered to be in possession of fake … Read more

Delivery Boy Uses Roller Skates to Earn Money for His Family

Delivery Boy

Inspiring Photos of Delivery Boy Using Roller Skates to Earn Money for His Family Gone Viral A 30-year-old delivery boy is using roller skates to deliver the order of his customers just to earn money for his family. The Facebook page “Philippine Star” has shared the photos of a 30-year-old delivery boy identified as Ronie … Read more