Grade 5 Student Harassed by Man She Met on Facebook

Grade 5 Student Tied and Harassed by Man She Met on Facebook

A Grade 5 student was allegedly tied and forcefully harassed by a man she met on the social media app Facebook.

The victim was a 12-year-old Grade 5 pupil, according to the report. The victim guy is from Catanauan’s Barangay Tagabas Ibaba, while the victim girl is from Catanauan’s Barangay Cutcutan.

According to the story, the Grade 5 student victim met the man she had only communicated with on Facebook Messenger on Valentine’s Day. The girl kept what happened to her a secret for three months. She was unable to cope with the trauma she had endured, so she informed her parents.

Grade 5 Student Harassed

The victim and her mother went to the police station on Thursday night to complain about the suspect. Based on the victim’s accusation, the suspect invited her to meet and go for a walk in the said town’s Barangay San Isidro.

However, the suspect led him to an abandoned farmhouse. Based on the report, when he arrived, the suspect bound him with a rope, wrapped a handkerchief around his lips, and exploited him.

Following the harassment, the suspect threatened her that if she report it, something awful would happen to her. As a result, the girl kept it hidden from her family. Only on Thursday, May 11, was the victim able to tell his family what had happened to him. The Catanauan Police Department is drafting a case against the suspect.

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