Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay First Vlog, The Birthday and Engagement

Ellen Adarna Derek Ramsay

Here’s the first vlog of Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay as they finally launched their YouTube channel. ELLEN ADARNA – Celebrity couple Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay launched their YouTube channel together and here’s their first vlog. Last March, Ellen Adarna said it’s “Game Over” for her as Derek Ramsay finally asked her hand for marriage. … Read more

Ellen Adarna Shares “Whale” Photos During Pregnancy

Ellen Adarna Pregnant

“Whale” photos shared by Ellen Adarna during pregnancy catches attention online. ELLEN ADARNA – Famous actress Ellen Adarna gives in to a request from netizens and shares photos of her while she was pregnant with Elias. Former couple John Lloyd Cruz and Ellen Adarna escaped the limelight before so suddenly to the shock of many … Read more

Ellen Adarna Son Elias Reaction When His Mother Did This

Ellen Adarna and Elias

Here’s the video of Elias, son of Ellen Adarna, when his cookies were taken away from him. ELLEN ADARNA – Elias Modesto, son of Ellen Adarna and John Lloyd Cruz, goes viral after showing this face when told that he ate so much cookies already. A-list actor John Lloyd Cruz has a son with Ellen Adarna named … Read more

Ellen Adarna First Official Vlog and This Is What She Did

Ellen Adarna

Actress Ellen Adarna finally shares her first official vlog on her channel. ELLEN ADARNA – Model and actress Ellen Adarna uploads her first official video on her YouTube channel and this is what she did on her video. Amid the pandemic, a lot of vloggers rose online with various types of entertainment to offer to … Read more

Derek Ramsay On Ellen Adarna Prioritizing Son With John Lloyd Cruz

Ellen Adarna Derek Ramsay

This is what Derek Ramsay told Ellen Adarna about his son with John Lloyd Cruz. DEREK RAMSAY – Famous actor Derek Ramsay understands if Ellen Adarna prioritizes her son with John Lloyd Cruz over their relationship. It “not a normal relationship” shares Derek Ramsay in an interview where he finally confirmed relationship with Ellen Adarna. And … Read more