Ellen Adarna, Derek Ramsay Lash Out At Fake News Over Elias’ Last Name

Engaged couple Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay to sue a tabloid following fake news they wrote about Elias.

ELLEN ADARNA – Celebrity couple Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay to file a lawsuit against tabloid that spread fake news about Elias and his last name.

Elias Modesto is the son of Ellen Adarna with John Lloyd Cruz. They are working out on a healthy and collaborative co-parenting relationship for his sake as Ellen recognizes the reality that her son would need his father just as much as he would need her. Ellen is now engaged with Derek Ramsay and Elias became so fond of him. The child is close to his “Tito Derek” and many videos can prove how good their relationship is towards each other.


But just recently, when the sneak peek of their wedding invitation surfaced online, many people seemed to have caught the attention of the name Elias. He is the ring bearer of the wedding and in the sneak peek, what’s written was “Elias Modesto Adarna”. People online immediately assumed that Ellen did not allow his son to carry his father’s name and a tabloid online with a headline as if confirming the speculations has reached the knowledge of the celebrity couple.

Derek and Ellen lashed out at “Bulgar” and on Instagram, mad about the fake news, Derek declared, “The ultimate bearer of fake news. We will definitely take legal action on this! Don’t ever attack my family.”

Derek Ramsay, Ellen Adarna
Photo grabbed on IG

Ellen, in one of her IG stories, clarified that her son is carrying his father’s last name. She shared proof where his full name “Elias Modesto Adarna Cruz” was indicated in the invitation. She’s just as mad and even expressed such an irresponsible action from the journalist is “non-negotiable”.

Ellen Adarna
Photo grabbed on IG
Ellen Adarna
Photo grabbed on IG


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