Derek Ramsay Reaction To Comment Of John Lloyd About Him

Derek Ramsay

John Lloyd Cruz says Derek Ramsay is raising his son well and this is the latter’s reaction to this. DEREK RAMSAY – John Lloyd Cruz appreciates what Derek Ramsay does for his and this is the latter’s reaction to his comment. In a previous article, Derek Ramsay said that he and John Lloyd Cruz are … Read more

Ellen Adarna Bentley Car From Derek Ramsay; Here’s Price

Ellen Adarna

This is how much the Bentley Ellen Adarna received from Derek Ramsay. ELLEN ADARNA – For their anniversary, Derek Ramsay got his wife Ellen Adarna a car from a luxurious brand. Famous actor Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna tied the knot at Rancho Bernardo Luxury Villas in Bataan. From a whirlwind romance to a lifetime commitment, … Read more