2 Members of “Dura-Dura” Gang Arrested in Pasay City

Dura-Dura Gang

Police Authorities Arrest 2 Members of “Dura-Dura” Gang Two alleged members of the notorious “Dura-Dura” gang, were arrested after victimizing commuters on passenger buses in Pasay City. According to the report from Pasay City Police Station Substation 1 Commander PCpt. Criz Antonio Cataluña, the group’s modus operandi involved using “dura” (Spit), to distract and then … Read more

4 Members of “Dura-Dura” Gang Victimizing Passengers Arrested

4 Members of “Dura-Dura” Gang Arrested After Alleged Victimizing Passengers Police arrested four (4) members of “Dura-Dura” gang who allegedly victimizing passengers by spitting their saliva as modus to rob. In a report of GMA News, four members of the “Dura-dura” gang who were victimizing passengers were arrested in Manila. The suspects then clarified that … Read more