4 Members of “Dura-Dura” Gang Victimizing Passengers Arrested

4 Members of “Dura-Dura” Gang Arrested After Alleged Victimizing Passengers

Police arrested four (4) members of “Dura-Dura” gang who allegedly victimizing passengers by spitting their saliva as modus to rob.

In a report of GMA News, four members of the “Dura-dura” gang who were victimizing passengers were arrested in Manila. The suspects then clarified that they did not use real sputum in the modus operandi.

 Members of Dura-Dura Gang

CCTV caught the men rushing to get off a passenger bus opposite Manila City Hall during rush hour on February 2. According to the Manila Police District (MPD) Mayor’s Reaction Team, thieves are the men who use to spit in their modus operandi to rob their victims.

One of their victims was Michelle Anne Gianan who was targetted by the suspects and told that she was vomitted by a passenger who got off. It turned out that the suspects used it to confuse Gianan and get his cellphone and wallet with only P3,000.

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On January 29, Anne Nicole Bartolo was also victimized. She revealed that someone came from behind her. After she turned around, she hides her cellphone and the suspects suddenly spit in her head.

 Members of Dura-Dura Gang

There were also passengers who pretended to help him but was also a member of the group. Suspects get her cellphone which he had not yet paid.

According to Police Lieutenant Colonel Rosalino Ibay Jr, chief of the Special Mayor’s Reaction Team, two were arrested through CCTV face recognition, while the other two were by follow-up operation.

One of the suspects said that the saliva they used to spit was just Siopao sauce. The suspects said they had different roles whenever they had a victim to rob.

Ibay, on the other hand, explained that there is a member in the group who makes victims confused, there are those who cover and there are those who are blocking the victims.

Three of the four arrested suspects admitted that they had previously been involved in the theft. They are still looking for their four other group members.

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