Female Ex-Drug User Convict Graduates High School With Honors

Female Ex-Drug User Convict from North Cotabato Graduates High School with Honors A 27-year-old female ex-drug user convict from North Cotabato finally graduates from high school with honors. Meet Honeylene Alindajao, a former drug addict who has now completed her education with honors. Honeylene, a 27-year-old Makilala, North Cotabato inhabitant, considers her time in prison … Read more

To Be Discharged Patient Jailed After Found Illegal Drugs in Cebu

Patient Illegal Drugs

Patient from the Hospital Arrested After Illegal Drugs Found in His Pocket in Cebu Authorities delivered a patient that supposed to be discharged from a hospital in Cebu to jail after illegal drugs were found in his pocket. A 26-year-old guy who was set to be released from the hospital ended himself in jail, according … Read more

BBM’s Defense on 2016 After Accused of Being Drug Addict Resurface

Netizens Recalls Defense of BBM on 2016 After Accused of Being Drug Addict The online community recalls the defense of Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. (BBM) after he was accused of being a drug addict. President Rodrigo Duterte’s allegations against a presidential candidate who reportedly takes illegal narcotics sparked outrage on social media. The president also … Read more

Guard Nabbed Over Drugs After Chasing Man Witness Him Stealing Bike

Guard Nabbed Over Drugs After Man Witness Him Stealing Bike Reported to Police A security guard was nabbed over illegal drugs after he chased the man who witnessed him stealing an expensive bike in Malabon City. According to the report, the security guard was apprehended after he was caught with illicit drugs known as shabu … Read more

Addict Lady Puffs Illegal Drugs Beside the Street for Her Birthday Goes Viral

Addict Lady Goes Viral After Caught on Cam Hitting Illegal Drugs on the Street A concerned netizen filmed an addict lady beside the street as she puffs an illegal drugs suspected as “shabu” for her birthday celebration goes viral. Currently, the government’s anti-drug agency has detained hundreds of drug consumers and dealers across the country. … Read more

Rider Arrested at Checkpoint for Illegal Drugs after Asked for License

Rider Yields P170k of Illegal Drugs After Failed to Present Driver’s License at Checkpoint P170,000 worth of illegal drugs seized from rider at checkpoint after he failed to present his driver’s license asked by the police. A 27-year-old motorcycle rider was arrested after he was searched by police manning checkpoint in Bicutan, Taguig City. He … Read more

Drug User Arrested After Caught Riding Without Helmet in a Checkpoint

Drug User Arrested in Checkpoint for Riding Without Helmet Yields P2M Drugs A drug user arrested and yields a huge worth of drugs after he was apprehended in a checkpoint for riding a motorcycle without a helmet. The 28-year-old motorist was apprehended at the checkpoint for riding a motorcycle without a helmet. Later found as … Read more