‘Effects of Drugs’, Arrested Drug User Shows Whimsical Facial Expression

Arrested Drug User Shows Whimsical Facial Expression Goes Viral Online

Video footage of arrested drug user goes viral on social media, showing the effect of taking drugs after he cannot fix his facial expression.

Arrested Drug User
Image captured from the video

The issue of drug abuse is one of the biggest problems in the country. Using of illegal drugs can lead the individuals to make a crime due to the effect of drugs or because of addiction.

In 2016, President Rodrigo Duterte has launched his anti-illegal drug campaign with the aim to eliminate illegal drugs and also to reduce the rate of criminality in the country. However, there are still drug user and pusher got arrested despite implementation of anti-illegal drugs campaign.

Arrested Drug User
Image captured from the video

Recently, Rock ‘n Roll to the World Facebook page shares a video of a drug abuser showing the effect of abusing drugs. The whimsical facial expression shows after allegedly using illegal drugs.

In the video, the police who arrested him recorded the video and possibly the one who uploaded it asked the arrested man to straighten his face and fix his facial expression. Unfortunately, the drug user was unable to fix his facial expression as he was still hammered on drugs.

The man said that he already fixes his facial expression but the police scolded him for using drugs and told him to fix it again. The police seem laughing as it can hear on the video over his funny facial expression.


The video has gone viral on social media as many netizens found it hilarious. Meanwhile, other netizens give advice to drug users out there to stop using because there’s no better effect on your health and brain.

Here are some of their reactions:

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