Janella Salvador Shares Maja Salvador Reaction To Valentina Role

Janella Salvador and Maja Salvador

Maja Salvador has always been so supportive revealed by Janella Salvador in her role as “Valentina”. JANELLA SALVADOR – Famous actress Maja Salvador has always been so supportive according to Janella Salvador. Last November 2021, actress Janella Salvador was flooded with congratulatory messages for bagging the iconic role of “Valentina” in the Darna TV Series. This … Read more

Janella Salvador Debut As Valentina: “Creepy But Beautiful”

Janella Salvador As Valentina

Netizens have these reactions to the first appearance of Janella Salvador as Valentina. JANELLA SALVADOR – Valentina is here and netizens are impressed as to how Janella Salvador portrayed the character excellently. Hissing from the television screens is Kapamilya star Janella Salvador as Valentina “Darna TV Series”. New-age Darna is Jane De Leon and opposite … Read more

Jane De Leon Darna Costume: Celebs Have These Reactions

Jane De Leon Darna Costume

These are the reactions of celebrities to Jane De Leon Darna costume which was revealed in a recent episode. JANE DE LEON DARNA COSTUME – New-age Darna Jane De Leon looks powerful in her Darna costume and this is how celebrities reacted to this. Kapamilya star Jane De Leon is the Darna of “Darna TV Series”. … Read more

Jane De Leon Darna Transformation

Jane De Leon Darna

JANE DE LEON DARNA – Here’s the powerful and fierce Darna transformation of the new-age Darna Kapamilya actress Jane De Leon. Kapamilya actress Jane De Leon is the new Darna and in the August 19 episode of the series, she finally showed her powerful transformation into the iconic superheroine. She became a trending topic online … Read more

Jane De Leon Transforms As Darna, People Praise Her Costume

Jane De Leon

Netizens praise Jane De Leon and her Darna transformation. JANE DE LEON – Kapamilya actress Jane De Leon receives praises for her Darna portrayal and Darna transformation. “Darna TV Series” stars Kapamilya actress Jane De Leon as the new Darna. She was initially questioned about how and why she got the role. She had doubters … Read more

Jane de Leon and Zaijian Jaranilla’s Confrontation Scene Goes Viral

Jane De Leon and Zaijian Jaranilla

Here’s the scene between Jane de Leon and Zaijian Jaranilla that caught much attention online. JANE DE LEON – “Darna TV Series” actors Jane de Leon and Zaijian Jaranilla catch much attention online because of their acting in this confrontational scene. “Darna TV Series” is the newest television series offering of the ABS-CBN network which … Read more

Janella Salvador Reveals Something About Jane De Leon

Janella Salvador and Jane De Leon

This is what Janella Salvador said about Jane De Leon while they were working in Darna. JANELLA SALVADOR – “Valentina” Janella Salvador reveals her relationship with “Darna” Jane De Leon as they work together in the series. Kapamilya actress Jane de Leon is the newest Darna of the most famous Mars Ravelo’s comic series superheroine. And … Read more