Jane De Leon Portrayal Of “Darna”, Chito Rono Comments

Here’s the comment of filmmaker Chito S. Roño about Jane De Leon playing the Darna role.

JANE DE LEON – Director Chito Roño is the director of the Darna TV series and this is what he said about Jane De Leon.

Kapamilya star Jane De Leon is the Darna of her generation and opposite her is Janella Salvador who will be playing Valentina, Darna’s archnemesis. At first, Jane was doubted by many critics because she is a newbie in the industry but she appealed to critics to watch the series first.

On the other hand, these critical comments have pushed her to do better and be stronger as a person. Her critics taught her the value of being tough.

However, her director seemed to think otherwise. Director Chito Roño shared that De Leon worked hard for this series. He believes it’s hard to balance being Narda and Darna but it’s a challenge for her. She juggled “an insecure Narda in her teenage years; a headstrong Narda as an adult; and the superpowered Darna in full battle gear.

And as her director, he thinks that she actually did very well.

“Jane worked very hard for her role in this series. She had to balance being Narda and being Darna, talagang mahirap. Ang Narda, dalawang characters — iyong bata at iyong age na malaki-laki siya. Ang dami talagang roles niya na ginagampanan. It’s really a challenge for her as an actress. I think she did very well,” he said.

She was not only focused and concentrated but he’s also pleased to say that she did well according to a report from ABS-CBN. Meanwhile, Jane admitted that at first, she was scared of the director. But just like the other artists, their director’s meticulousness did them good which can be seen in their performances in the series.


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