Netizen to Maja Salvador & Alleged Cousin Dance Video: “Abang abang lang ng link”

Maja Salvador

Netizens Leaves Distasteful Remarks to Maja Salvador & Alleged Cousin Dance Video VIRAL DANCE VIDEO – A certain netizen commented on Maja Salvador and cousin’s dance video: “Abang abang lang ng link” Maja Ross Andres Salvador is one of the most popular celebrities of her generation. She is a Filipina actress, singer, dancer, host, model, … Read more

Viral Twerking Video Of Teenagers Caught WCPD’s Attention

Twerking Video

Twerking Video Of Teenagers Goes Viral & Caught WCPD’s Attention The controversial twerking video of teenagers spread like a wildfire online and caught the attention of ‘Women and Children Protection Desks’ (WCPD) after it was posted on the social media. The Facebook page Kokoy Krunch has uploaded video footage of young female teenagers performing a … Read more

WATCH : This Girl Shows Powerful Dance Moves


Watch the video as this girl showed off powerful dance moves. WATCH – A video has gone viral across the social media community and caught the attention of the netizens as this girl showed off her powerful dance moves. The Facebook user Nica Santos has shared her video on her Facebook account which shows her … Read more

Cebu Dancing Inmates Version Gangnam Style (Video)

Gangnam Style Dance Step by Cebu Dancing Inmates

Cebu’s most popular dancing inmates made another headlines as they performed their own version of the world’s most popular music video “Gangnam Style”. The group of inmates from the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) was dancing on the rain on Saturday, September 29, 2012. According to the official statement posted on the video, … Read more