NBI On Dacera Autopsy: More Body Fluids Needed For Forensics

NBI Wants To Secure More Bodily Fluids For Dacera Case Autopsy NBI ON DACERA AUTOPSY – The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) said they plan on securing “more” bodily fluid specimens for their forensic investigation. Previously, the NBI was tasked to investigate the controversial death of flight attendant, Christine Dacera. However, initial autopsy reports from … Read more

Hotel Where Dacera Died Says There Was No Leisure Accommodation

Hotel Where Dacera Died Says No Quarantine Violations Were Committed DACERA CASE – Recently, the City Garden Grand Hotel, the hotel where flight attendant Christine Dacera died spoke up regarding quarantine violation accusations. The Dacera case has become one of the most controversial cases of 2021. Following initial autopsy reports stating the cause of her … Read more

Respondents In Dacera Case: Hotel Staff “Medyo Mabagal” In Response

Respondents In Dacera Case Claim Hotel Staff Was “Slow” In Responding DACERA CASE – Respondents of the case involving the death of flight attendant Christine Dacera says hotel staff was slow in responding. Till now, the Dacera case remains to be shrouded in mystery despite the PNP claiming the case was solved. Earlier, three suspects … Read more