NBI On Dacera Autopsy: More Body Fluids Needed For Forensics

NBI Wants To Secure More Bodily Fluids For Dacera Case Autopsy

NBI ON DACERA AUTOPSY – The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) said they plan on securing “more” bodily fluid specimens for their forensic investigation.

Previously, the NBI was tasked to investigate the controversial death of flight attendant, Christine Dacera. However, initial autopsy reports from the Philippine National Police show contradictions with the NBI’s.

Based on earlier reports, Dacera died due to an aortic aneurysm. But, PNP Chief Debold Siñas, along with Dacera’s mother, Sharon, believed there was foul play involved.

NBI On Dacera Autopsy: More Body Fluids Needed For Forensics

Meanwhile, the NBI had yet to release their second autopsy report on Dacera. Instead, they wanted to secure more specimens when Dacera was rushed to the Makati Medical Center.

According to an article from Philstar, NBI spokesperson Ferdinand Lavin said:

We will check if we can access the specimen, which will be used as the basis for coming out with the results. These are biological samples and body fluids

Additionally, the NBI said they would conduct forensic tests on the cell phones of the newly-named persons of interests such as Jake Esteron.

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