Rider In Viral Altercation Had Apparently Been Involved In Previous Road Rage Incident

Viral Altercation

Rider Involved in Viral Altercation Has Previously Involved in Road Rage Incident The motorcycle rider in a viral traffic altercation with a group of cyclists had apparently been involved in a previous road rage incident. Earlier, a netizen named Jake Bilbao shared video clip of an intense traffic altercation a motorcycle rider and a group … Read more

Arnold Clavio to Cyclists Meme: “Hindi ko na matiis… Fake News”

Arnold Clavio Slams Cyclists Meme and Declared it Fake News Veteran broadcaster Arnold Clavio slams a meme showing a report about cyclists using the template of GMA’s news broadcasting show 24 Oras. The journalist Arnold Clavio discussed the propagation of fake news on social media, which also involves his colleague Pia Archangel, in a post … Read more

Vehicle Driver Slams Jempoy Bikers for Occupying Entire Lane

Vehicle Driver

Vehicle Driver Expresses Disappointmet Towards Jempoy Bikers for Occupying Entire Lane JEMPOY CYCLISTS – A vehicle driver lambasted the jempoy bikers along the road for occupying the entire lane. Nowadays, road accident has been one of the most common traffic problems happening not only in the Philippines but also in various places all around the … Read more

DOH Advises Cyclists & Pedestrians to Watch Out for Heatstroke This Dry Season


Health Department Advises Cyclists & Pedestrians to Take Precautionary Measures to Prevent Heatstroke This Dry Season The Department of Health (DOH) advised the cyclists and pedestrians to watch out for heatstroke during this dry season. DOH Director IV Dr. Beverly Ho advised the public to take precautionary measures during this summer season to protect themselves … Read more

Cyclists, Other Active Transport Users Not Required to Use Face Shields – DOH

The Department of Health (DOH) clarifies that cyclists and other active transport users are not required to wear face shields. According to DOH, people using active transports are not required to wear face shields due to its potential safety risks when used during active transport. They made the statement following “increasing reports of cyclists and … Read more

Group of Cyclists Performing Harmful Stunt Along the Road Elicit Comments


Netizens Slam Group of Cyclists Performing Harmful Stunt Along the Road The video footage of a group of cyclists performing a harmful stunt along the road elicit comments from the social media users. The Philippine government is currently taking legal actions to address the worsening traffic problem in the country. The authorities are implementing stricter … Read more