Arnold Clavio to Cyclists Meme: “Hindi ko na matiis… Fake News”

Arnold Clavio Slams Cyclists Meme and Declared it Fake News

Veteran broadcaster Arnold Clavio slams a meme showing a report about cyclists using the template of GMA’s news broadcasting show 24 Oras.

The journalist Arnold Clavio discussed the propagation of fake news on social media, which also involves his colleague Pia Archangel, in a post on Instagram. Clavio addressed the false information being propagated about bikers in his Instagram post.

He informed the online community about it because it is rumored to be spreading repeatedly on social media. The image that is being circulated claims that “cyclists can now go longride” so long as they don’t go too far.

“Mga siklista, pwede na mag longride basta huwag lang sila lalayo,” written on the said photo.

Arnold Clavio Cyclists Meme

Arnold posted the image while claiming it was false news. To avoid becoming “lost,” the journalist advised them to simply watch their news shows and go to their verified social media pages.

“Hindi ko na po matiis. Ilang beses na rin na pabalik-balik sa akin ang post na ito. Sasabihin ko na po na ito ay malinaw na fake news,” Clavio said.

“Pls visit @gmanews on line pr FB page para di kayo naliligaw. Ang nakakagulat maraming naniwala sa sektor ng mga siklista. Common sense Team Bulalo, sa caption pa lang ‘long ride’ tapos huwag lalayo? Kaya pakiusap, huwag na pong ikalat. @piaarcangel,” he added in his post.

The aforementioned photo, according to Clavio’s supporters, was definitely “edited,” especially given the altered font that the editor chose. They claim that if people regularly watched 24 Hours, they would notice something was amiss with the image. The aforementioned picture is specifically utilized in a humorous fashion, or as a “meme,” according to the internet community.

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