China Really Has the Audacity To Tell PH To “Stop Stirring Up Trouble” at the disputed islands?

China Claims PH Is Igniting Trouble, Making Provocations at Sea

Amid the Philippines’ push for diplomatic resolutions, China displayed a disappointing courage by accusing PH of “stirring up trouble” at the disputed islands.

Following several incidents wherein the Philippine authorities claimed of being blocked by the Chinese warships and other vessels during resupply missions as well as China vessels making dangerous maneuvers, a collission at sea transpired on Sunday.

China, Philippine Vessels Collission
Photo Credit: Manila Bulletin

The Philippines filed for a diplomatic protest with China in response to the said risky maneuvers of the Chinese vessels which reportedly led to the collission. The PH ships involved were on a resupply mission to the BRP Sierra Madre on Ayungin Shoal.

China claims that Ayungin Shoal is part of the country’s territory — despite it being part of the Philippines’ “exclusive economic zone and continental shelf” as per Foreign Affairs spokesperson Ma. Teresita Daza.

On the recent collissions, the Chinese blamed the Philippines claiming they sailed “headlong towards Ren’ai Jiao’s lagoon and bumped dangerously”. The claim is opposite to the proof presented by the Philippine military and the Coast Guard showing that the Chinese vessels blocked BRP Cabra which was one of the ships involved in the collission.

China called the Philippines to “stop stirring up trouble and making provocations at sea, stop making dangerous moves”. The audacity to make such call, isn’t it? I believe that the Chinese authorities are doing what the Philippines is supposed to be doing if not only for the fact that our country wants to resolve issues in the most diplomatic way possible.

It is supposed to be the Philippines calling for China to stop stirring up trouble, making dangerous maneuvers at sea, and making provocations. However, what is happening is the other way around.

I believe that what China is doing to PH is like treating the country as an underdog despite its efforts to resolve the matters in a peaceful way. It does not only look passed the decision of the arbitral tribunal for years now but it also disrespects the Philippines in several ways. Will the Philippine government continue to allow it?

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