Man Sent to Jail After Scaring Neighbor’s Chickens to Death

Man Arrested After Scaring the Chickens of Neighbor to Death Police authorities arrested a man for allegedly scaring several chickens of his neighbor that resulted to death. A Chinese man was sentenced to prison after frightening over 1,100 chickens to death.  had a disagreement with his neighbour. According to FOX News, the accused, who is … Read more

Loud Wedding Music Blamed for Death of 63 Chickens in India

Loud Wedding Music

Farm Owner Blames Loud Wedding Music For Death of 63 Chickens in India BHUBANESWAR, India – The loud wedding music being played during the ceremony’s procession was has been blamed for the death of 63 chickens. The poultry farm owner at Odisha in India identified as Ranjit Kumar Parida is blaming the pumping music, fireworks, … Read more

Undercover Footage Shows Chicken Laying Eggs Next To Corpses

undercover footage chicken 3

Undercover Footage Exposes Horrifying Conditions Of Chickens Inside Farm UNDERCOVER FOOTAGE – An undercover footage showed the condition of chickens inside the farm that supplies supermarkets. Poultry farming means raising domesticated birds such as geese, chickens, turkeys, and ducks. Chickens are the most popular because they continue to lay eggs all year round. Farmers are … Read more

Broiler Chickens Injected w/ Steroids to Gain Weight Caught on Camera

Broiler Chickens

Concerned Netizen Shares Video Broiler Chickens Injected w/ Steroids to Gain Weight A concerned netizen has shared the video footage of broiler chickens injected with steroids to immediately gain weight within 20 days. Nowadays, most people around the world are purchasing chickens in different markets worldwide in making delicious meals and dishes. Chicken is one … Read more

Thousands of Chickens In Pangasinan Died Due To Heat Stroke


Thousands of Chickens In Pangasinan Died Due To Heat Stroke About 7, 000 chickens have suffered from heat stroke and died in Pangasinan because of the extreme heat during this summer season. Summer is one of the hottest seasons not only in the Philippines but also in different countries all around the world. It was … Read more