Man Doing “Food Trip sa Sementeryo” Elicit Reactions Online

Man Goes Viral Online for Doing “Food Trip sa Sementeryo” The online community has expressed their reactions to the hilarious man who went to a cemetery and did a “food trip sa sementeryo”. After being closed to the public for two years owing to the outbreak, cemeteries around the nation have started to reopen. In … Read more

San Juan Reopens Online Booking System for Visitation Appointments in Cemetery

Online Booking System

San Juan Reopens Online Booking System for Visitation Appointments in Cemetery San Juan City government has reopened its online booking system for visitation appointments in the cemetery. On Monday (October 18, 2021), the local government of San Juan City has reactivated the online booking system for cemetery visits. The program has been made as a preparation … Read more

Authorities Orders Violators to Clean Cemetery After Violating Health Protocols

Health Protocols

Violators Urged to Join Community Service at Cemetery After Violating Health Protocols The authorities ordered the violators to clean a cemetery after violating the health protocols and quarantine guidelines. The Facebook page “Public Order & Safety Office – Biñan City” has shared the photos of several individuals cleaning a cemetery for violating the quarantine guidelines. … Read more

Guy Experiencing COVID-19 Symptoms Goes To Cemetery After Neglected by Hospital


Guy Goes To Cemetery After Allegedly Ignored by Hospital For Experiencing COVID-19 Symptoms A worried guy experiencing the signs and symptoms of the coronavirus disease goes to the cemetery after allegedly neglected by a hospital. Over the past few months, hospitals and health institutions were filled with patients as the case of coronavirus disease continue … Read more