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Man Doing “Food Trip sa Sementeryo” Elicit Reactions Online

Man Doing “Food Trip sa Sementeryo” Elicit Reactions Online

Man Goes Viral Online for Doing “Food Trip sa Sementeryo”

The online community has expressed their reactions to the hilarious man who went to a cemetery and did a “food trip sa sementeryo”.

After being closed to the public for two years owing to the outbreak, cemeteries around the nation have started to reopen. In an effort to maintain their Undas customs, many Filipinos pay visits to their deceased loved ones.

Food Trip Sementeryo

On All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day in November, People goes to cemeteries and columbaria. Many Filipinos consider numbers 1 and 2 to be an indisputable part of the Undas legacy. Families congregate at cemeteries as others light candles and place food and flowers on cement tombs.

A Facebook user by the name of Roly Flores Alarcon gained notoriety for reportedly stealing food from the graveyard. If you’re hungry, he advised in his article, just wander the cemetery and get some food.

“Nagugutom ka? mag ikot-ikot kalang!” Alarzon wrote in his caption.

Alarcon additionally uploaded a photo of himself clutching food he had purchased inside a graveyard. He purchased four packs of biscuits and a bottle of soft drink based on the image.

His article has received a variety of responses from the internet community after going viral on social media. Alarcon’s photo has 13K comments and 204K shares, and it has already received 208K hilarious reactions.

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