Alleged Man Behind P299 Engagement Ring Speaks Up: “Ako po yung breadwinner”

Alleged Man

Alleged Man Behind P299 Engagement Ring Breaks Silence Amid Controversy An alleged man behind the viral P299 engagement ring issue broke his silence and shared his side: “Ako po yung breadwinner.” Last week, the P299 engagement ring issue became one of the most controversial topics online. The post quickly spread like wildfire on social media … Read more

84-Year-Old Breadwinner Receives Help After Heartbreaking Photo Goes Viral

84-Year-Old Breadwinner

84-Year-Old Breadwinner in Viral Photo Receives Help From Kind-Hearted Individuals The 84-year-old breadwinner received cash assistance after the heartbreaking photo circulates on social media. Earlier, a netizen named Sarkie Cedric Ortiz II has shared heartbreaking photos of an elderly vendor selling bread to earn money and help her family. The photos garnered reactions from the online community. … Read more

Loisa Andalio Gets Emotional after Losing Work Amid Pandemic

Loisa Andalio Cries Over Losing Work Amid the Health Crisis Kapamilya actress Loisa Andalio gets emotional after announcing being unemployed, losing work now despite that there is a world pandemic. The 21-year-old actress emotionally shared in ABS-CBN morning talk show Magandang Buhay being a breadwinner of her family. She shared that as a breadwinner losing … Read more