Smuggled 7k Beers in Cans Confiscated Inside Bilibid Prison

7k Beers in Cans Attempted to be Smuggled Inside Bilibid Prison Seized

More than 7k beers in cans were seized by the authorities inside the maximum security compound of New Bilibid Prison.

Due to dishonest employees of the Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) and the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology, more than 7,500 cans of beer and other illegal items were smuggled into the NBP’s Maximum Security Compound (BJMP). Gregorio Catapang, the officer in command of BuCor, revealed this information during a press conference.

“Alam mo ba yang isang beer na yan, baka malasing ka pag nalaman mo ang presyo. ₱ 1,000 ang bentahan diyan. Mahihilo ka talaga kasi napakamahal,” he said.

Beers Bilibid Prison

The Bureau of Jail Management and Penology and some BuCor employees who are temporarily employed within the national penitentiary are responsible for the beer smuggling, according to the BuCor chief. He claims that there are informants who have brought the smuggling to light.

“Papaano naipasok yan? May mga kumanta na kung sino ang nagpapasok. But we cannot divulge to you the names kasi under investigation pa,” said Catapang.

Based on the report, along with the beer, the authorities seized suspected shabu sachets, firearms, telephones, laptops, cash, sharp objects, and other illegal items. Catapang promised that BuCor officials who permit smuggling inside the jail will be subject to the one-strike policy.

“Wag mo ng hintayin na ako ang papasok diyan. Pag naabutan ko na may drugs diyan, may baril diyan, whatever, ikaw ang mananagot sakin,” he warned.

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