Judy Ann Santos Shares Birthday Tribute For BFF Beth Tamayo

judy ann santos beth tamayo

Here’s what Judy Ann Santos said about Beth Tamayo Drama queen Judy Ann Santos shared her birthday tribute for her BFF (best friend forever) former actress Beth Tamayo. Juday and Beth started their friendship during the time they did the soap opera Esperanza in 1997. The said soap ended in 1999. That span of time … Read more

Beth Tamayo and Drug Courier Elizabeth Batain are Rumored the Same Person Making the Top PH Google Search

Three Drug Mules in China

After being rumored to be executed in China for drug trafficking, actress Beth Tamayo became the country’s fastest rising newsmaker last week, according to Google Philippines. Tamayo was the most searched personality in the Philippines after rumors spread that she and drug courier Elizabeth Batain are the same person. Internet search giant gathered data by … Read more