Remember Beth Tamayo? Here’s The Reason Why She Left Show Business

Iconic actress during the 1990’s Beth Tamayo left the country and career in the entertainment industry and here’s the reason why.

BETH TAMAYO – During the 1990’s, Beth Tamayo was one of the iconic actress because of her talent and explicit beauty but she left the showbiz amid the rumors and here is the reason why behind her departure.

A video had just recently uploaded and shared by the Youtube Channel ARTISTA Updates where it featured the life of Beth after she flew and left the Philippines and her career on 2008.

Back in the early of 1990’s, Beth was a popular actress left a mark in the show business as she starred in a lot of television shows and movies.

Aside from the fact that she is beautiful and talented, it can also be remembered that she married the Chinese businessman Johnny Wong but unfortunately, their marriage life did not last that long.

In 2008, she flew and migrated to the United States and people were in daze because it was so sudden and on 2012, in an exclusive interview with Pep, she still did not reveal the main reason why of her departure but she had some statements.

She said that they were receiving death threats through text messages that’s why they were in a hurry to leave the Philippines the soonest  the possible and it was because the help she lent to her husband.

Transferring to the foreign country, she even experienced babysitting in a Colombian family and accordingly, it was a very ‘humbling experience’.

But now, she seemed to be living a very simple life. She works in an office and she is an admin there.

She said, “I’m living a more normal life here. I work in an office, I’m an admin there. A whole different thing sa ginagawa ko sa Manila, but I’m happy.”

She even found a new love and even if far away, she makes sure she keeps in contact with her friends in the Philippines especially her best friend Judy Ann Santos.

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