German Brewery Makes Powdered Beer, Available in Sachets

German Brewery Makes Powdered Beer, Which Can be Made Like Instant Coffee or Milk

POWDERED BEER – A German brewery was able to make powdered beer, which can be made like instant coffee and milk.

Powdered beer is now a reality, and it comes in a sachet just like powdered juice drinks, powdered energy drinks, powdered milk, and coffee powder. This innovative product was created by the Neuzeller Klosterbrau brewery, which is located in eastern Germany.

According to Neuzeller, they have developed a process for creating a powdered beer that results in a taste that is just like the original beer that comes in a bottle or can, but in powdered form.

German Brewery

Stefan Fritsche, the managing director of the brewery, revealed that they can use this process to create any type of beer, such as dark beer, light beer, India pale ale, and many others.

He also clarified that their innovative product does not aim to replace classic beer that people normally drink, but rather it is designed to serve as an alternative to shipping beer in bottles, which can be quite expensive.

The powder currently produces a non-alcoholic beverage; however, Mr. Fritsche stated that an alcohol version will be available soon, which he aims to market worldwide.

“We want to, in about three months, be ready with everything … and then we are looking for partners, for investors who want to start up with us,” Mr. Fritsche said.

The brewery hopes to make its powdered beer commercially available this year. They believe that this product can be a game-changer in the beer industry, especially for those who want to enjoy a good beer without having to pay the high cost of shipping bottled beer.

German Brewery

Additionally, powdered beer is more environmentally friendly, as it eliminates the need for shipping heavy glass bottles or aluminum cans.

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