Talented Artist Amazes Netizens w/ Realistic Artwork

Talented Artist

Talented Artist Earns Praise From Netizens For His Realistic Artwork Portraying Fire Scene A talented artist goes viral online and earned praise from the netizens for his realistic artwork portraying a scene of a fire. Michael Jay Salcedo, a Facebook user, shared photos of his heartfelt artwork portraying a scene of a fire, where a … Read more

Pinoy Artist Who Drew ‘Jose Jackie Chan’ Brings Good Vibes Online

Pinoy Artist

Pinoy Artist Earns Praise Online for Making ‘Jose Jackie Chan’ Artwork A Pinoy artist who drew ‘Jose Jackie Chan’ brings good vibes online and earns admiration from the internet users. A Facebook user named Andrei Bengoa has shared a photo of his artwork featuring Filipino singer-songwriter, Jose Mari Chan. The netizens have noticed his exceptional … Read more

Artist Earns Praises After Flexing Artwork Using Paper Quilling


Artist Goes Viral Online For Flexing Artwork Using Paper Quilling A Filipino artist goes viral and earns praises from the online community after flexing her artwork using paper quilling. In the vast realm of artistry, there are countless forms of expression that captivate audiences and leave them in awe of the creative minds behind them. … Read more

P1,000 Bill Art w/ Realistic Depiction Catches Attention of Netizens

P1,000 Bill Art

Female Artist Catches Attention of Netizens w/ Her P1,000 Bill Art P1,000 Bill Art – A work-in-progress drawing by artist Hannie Maestre has been garnering admiration on social media, featuring her realistic artwork of a one-thousand-peso bill. This venture marks Hannie’s first attempt at creating 3D art, showcasing her talent and creativity in capturing intricate … Read more

Painter Airs Dismay After Ungrateful Teacher Burns His Artwork

Painter Devastated After an Ungrateful Teacher Burns His Artwork Without Paying A devastated painter airs disappointment online after an ungrateful teacher allegedly burns his artwork without giving payment. Painters, like many other artists, may experience a variety of difficulties throughout their artistic careers. These difficulties can be caused by both internal and external circumstances, and … Read more

Donny Pangilinan Reacts To Netizen’s Fan Art Of Him

Donny Pangilinan 4

Here’s Donny Pangilinan’s Reaction To Female Fan’s Artwork Of Him DONNY PANGILINAN – A female fan created a black-and-white portrait of Donny Pangilinan. It received a wonderful response from the actor. Donny Pangilinan is a Filipino actor, host, singer, and social media influencer. His full name is Donato Antonio L. Pangilinan. The young actor is … Read more