Proud Mom Showcases 4-Year-Old Son’s Artwork as Home Decor

Proud Mom Flexes Artwork of Her 4-Year-Old Son

Shannon, a proud mother, recently shared the art pieces created by her talented 4-year-old son, George Yoseff, by displaying them on the walls of their living room.

Instead of considering buying paintings from malls or second-hand shops for display purposes, Shannon had a brilliant idea to showcase her son’s own artwork.

Shannon used to think about buying paintings from the mall or from surplus stores for display, but she hesitated. Then she decided to use George’s paintings as wall decorations. The kid sometimes paint random things with his grandpa.

Proud Mom

As a mother, Shannon wanted her son’s creations to be prominently displayed in their home, rather than purchasing or commissioning artwork from others. Above all, she wanted to boost his self-confidence.

“As nanay, gusto ko na ‘yung gawa niya ang talagang madi-display sa bahay namin instead na bumili pa or magpagawa. At higit sa lahat, ma-enhance po ‘yung confidence niya sa sarili niya. Parang iisipin po niya’y ‘Aba, ‘yung gawa ko na-display, magaling ako,’ ganon. Abot tenga nga po [ang] ngiti niya noong nakita niya na nasabit na [ng[ papa niya [ang] mga gawa niya,” Shannon said.

According to the proud mom, George first held a paintbrush when he was just 1 year old. Since then, he has shown a keen interest and natural talent for painting. As he continues to grow and explore his artistic abilities, Shannon believes it is essential to nurture his passion and encourage his artistic expression.

Proud Mom

Shannon’s decision to showcase George’s artwork reflects a growing trend among parents to celebrate their children’s creativity.

Many parents now prioritize displaying their children’s artwork as a way to honor their unique perspectives and encourage their artistic development. It also provides an opportunity for family members and guests to appreciate and admire the young artist’s creations.

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