Pinoy Artist Who Drew ‘Jose Jackie Chan’ Brings Good Vibes Online

Pinoy Artist Earns Praise Online for Making ‘Jose Jackie Chan’ Artwork

A Pinoy artist who drew ‘Jose Jackie Chan’ brings good vibes online and earns admiration from the internet users.

A Facebook user named Andrei Bengoa has shared a photo of his artwork featuring Filipino singer-songwriter, Jose Mari Chan. The netizens have noticed his exceptional skill and talent in art.

Bengoa’s artistic journey began as early as seven years old when he picked up a pencil and paper to explore the world of drawing. Over time, what started as a simple hobby evolved into a full-fledged profession, showcasing his extraordinary talent and passion for art.

Pinoy Artist

His recent masterpiece has gained attention not just for its artistic merit but also for the story it tells about the artist behind it. His work serves as a reminder of the value of traditional art forms and the dedication required to master them.

However, he expressed his desire to be recognized as human beings, not machines capable of replicating references with perfect precision.

“Also, behind the post, gusto ko lang din po ipahiwatig sa iilan, na ang bawat artist sa amin ay tao, at gusto naming ipaintindi sa marami na hindi kami computer or printer na kaya na lang gawin nang gayang-gaya ang reference,” Bengoa said.

Andrei said that art is not just about the final product but about the journey, the passion, and the unique perspective an artist brings to their work.

“Minsan dito lagi lahat nagkakatalo, hindi na nila po nakikita yung effort and time na binibigay namin as an artist,” he added.

The Pinoy artist dedicated one and a half hours to the meticulous process, ensuring that every detail captured the essence of Jose Marie Chan.

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The social media users expressed their reactions to the artwork:

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