Young Artist Makes Portrait of Coco Martin Using Human Nails

Young Artist Earns Praises Online for Making Portrait of Coco Martin Using Human Nails

A young artist goes viral and earns praise online for making a portrait of Coco Martin using human nails and glue.

The artist Crispin Valdez has recently unveiled his latest artwork, which features a stunning portrait of the popular actor Coco Martin. What makes this artwork unique is the fact that Valdez used unconventional materials to create it.

Instead of using traditional art supplies like paint and canvas, Valdez opted for a more unusual approach, using materials that many people might find surprising.

Young Artist

“Gustong-gusto ko pong gumawa ng mga obra na kakaiba sa mata. ‘Yun bang wala pang nakagagawa po. Naiisip kong gamitin ang mga kuko kasi sa tuwing ginugupit ko po ang aking mga kuko, kung saan-saan na po napupunta. Hanggang [sa] nagsimula po akong gumawa ng mga literal portrait,” Valdez said.

According to Valdez, he spent almost two weeks working on the artwork, carefully selecting each of the materials he used and crafting them into a stunning representation of the Pinoy actor.

“Natapos ko po siya almost a half month. Bale inipon ko po ‘yung aking mga kuko for almost 2 years po. ‘Yung 80% po ng kuko sa akin po, then yung 20% po galing na po sa mga malalapit sa akin, tulad po ng mga kapatid ko, mga barkada, mga anti, [at] mga pinsan po,” Valdez added.

Young Artist Young Artist

While he didn’t go into detail about exactly what materials he used, he did clarify some comments that had been made about the cleanliness of the nails he used.

Despite the unconventional nature of his approach, Valdez’s artwork has been praised for its creativity and attention to detail. For his part, Valdez says that he’s just happy to have been able to bring his vision to life, and he hopes that his artwork will be noticed.

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