P1,000 Bill Art w/ Realistic Depiction Catches Attention of Netizens

Female Artist Catches Attention of Netizens w/ Her P1,000 Bill Art

P1,000 Bill Art – A work-in-progress drawing by artist Hannie Maestre has been garnering admiration on social media, featuring her realistic artwork of a one-thousand-peso bill.

This venture marks Hannie’s first attempt at creating 3D art, showcasing her talent and creativity in capturing intricate details.

According to Hannie, this is her first foray into creating a 3D art piece. She candidly admits facing challenges in reproducing certain details due to the smaller size of the canvas. However, her intention was to make the drawing appear inconspicuous to casual observers, making it look like a genuine bill when placed beside actual currency.

P1,000 Bill Art

Hannie shared her motivation behind the project. She drew inspiration from other artists who had previously embarked on similar endeavors, which sparked her desire to explore this unique artistic expression.

Maestre’s work-in-progress drawing showcases her mastery of realistic art. Through her intricate strokes and attention to detail, she brings the P1,000 bill to life on paper. Each line, curve, and texture is carefully crafted to emulate the genuine bill, a testament to her artistic prowess and dedication.

“Nahirapan po ako gawin ‘yung ibang detalye dahil ‘di ko po siya nagawa sa mas malaking size, pero gusto ko po kase na ‘di agad mapapansin ng ilang makakakita na drawing lang din ‘yung pera at magmukhang tunay ‘pag itinabi mismo sa tunay na pera,” she said.

The captivating artwork has quickly gained attention and admiration on social media platforms. Netizens have been impressed by Hannie’s talent, praising her ability to create an illusion that blurs the line between art and reality.

Hannie’s creation has also sparked discussions among fellow artists and art enthusiasts, fostering a sense of inspiration and appreciation for the diverse forms of artistic expression.

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P1,000 Bill Art

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