Vice Ganda Admits “Laging Talo” When Arguing with Ion Perez

Vice Ganda Revealed that When Arguing with Boyfriend Ion Perez He’s Always Losing VICE GANDA – The Unkabogable comedian and TV host admitted that when he is arguing with his boyfriend Ion Perez he is always losing. Vice Ganda, Its Showtime host, confessed during an interview with former Manila Mayor Isko Moreno that his relationship … Read more

Arguing with your mum could be healthy

Mother-Daughter Argument

Mothers are really  particular of what their children are doing, and when they both know that they will end up fighting, but feels like none of them wants to, they end up arguing. Oftentimes, when things went wrong, our nearest and dearest that we argue with the most, and most probably, that is your mum. … Read more