Andi Eigenmann: Jake Ejercito Leaves This Comment About Her

Jake Ejercito Andi Eigenmann

Jake Ejercito has this comment about Andi Eigenmann being his co-parent for their daughter. ANDI EIGENMANN – Famous personality Jake Ejercito has this comment about Andi Eigenmann as his co-parent for their daughter Ellie. Ellie Eigenmann is the daughter of Andi Eigenmann with Jake Ejercito. They have a rough past before after she gave birth … Read more

Andi Eigenmann Finally Speaks About Issues with Albie Casino

Andi Eigenmann

Actress Andi Eigenmann says she already apologized to Albied Casino after their issues. ANDI EIGENMANN – Famous personality Andi Eigenmann finally speaks about Albie Casino and their controversial issues and relationship before. At the peak of his career, actor Albie Casino including his reputation got ruined following the accusations of Andi Eigenmann. He was accused … Read more