Alex Gonzaga Speaks Out About “Ang Arte Mo” Issue

Alex Gonzaga Addresses Netizen That Called Her Out ALEX GONZAGA – The Kapamilya actor, model, and vlogger Alex Gonzaga was recently called out for being “maarte” by a netizen. Alex quickly responded to the remarks made by the netizen following the snobbing issue with Rita and Ken Chan. In her Instagram stories, Alex Gonzaga shared … Read more

Alex Gonzaga: Netizens React To Mikee Morada’s Comment On Her Post

alex Gonzaga & Mikee Morada react

Netizens React To Mikee Morada’s Comment on Alex Gonzaga’s Recent Post ALEX GONZAGA – Mikee Morada’s comment on Alex Gonzaga’s recent Instagram post elicited reactions from the online community. Filipina actress, model, vlogger Alex Gonzaga is the sister of the Ultimate Multimedia Star Toni Gonzaga. She is considered one of the famous celebrities today. As … Read more

Alex Gonzaga Plans To Share Blessing To Millenial Fans

Alex Gonzaga 1

Alex Gonzaga Reveals Plans To Share Blessing To Millenial Fans ALEX GONZAGA – Kapamilya actress and Youtube vlogger Alex Gonzaga revealed that she’s planning to help more millennials fans through her vlog. Filipina actress, vlogger, and comedian Alex Gonzaga is the sister of the Ultimate Multimedia Star Toni Gonzaga. The celebrity siblings stars on Kapamilya’s … Read more

Alex Gonzaga Receives Plastic Surgery Offer From Korea, Vlogger React

Alex Gonzaga IG Story

Alex Gonzaga Reacts After Receiving Plastic Surgery Offer From Korea ALEX GONZAGA – Internet sensation Alex Gonzaga reacted after she received a plastic surgery offer from Korea. Filipina host, comedian, vlogger, and actress Alex Gonzaga is considered one of the most popular celebrities from the Kapamilya network. The 31-year-old celebrity is the younger sister of … Read more

Alex Gonzaga Vlog “No Laughing Challenge” Made Viewers Laugh

Alex Gonzaga Vlog

Here’s Alex Gonzaga Vlog update. ALEX GONZAGA VLOG – Celebrity vlogger Alex Gonzaga updates Youtube channel with “No Laughing Challenge” which makes lots of viewers laugh. Among the most successful vloggers in the Philippines is Alex Gonzaga who, from time to time, makes update on her YouTube channel with contents which are always funny to … Read more

Alex Gonzaga Lemon Challenge Vlog Trending On YouTube At #2

Alex Gonzaga Lemon Challenge

Alex Gonzaga Lemon Challenge trending on YouTube. ALEX GONZAGA LEMON CHALLENGE – The vlog of Alex Gonzaga featuring eating lemon with no reaction challenge trends on YouTube. Another fun and worth-watching video has been uploaded by Alex Gonzaga on her YouTube channel. With her “oldies but goldies” Titos and Titas, they did an eating lemon … Read more

Alex Gonzaga Vlogs: How Much Does She Earns As A Vlogger?

Alex Gonzaga Vlogs

Alex Gonzaga vlogs earning. ALEX GONZAGA VLOGS – The actress and video vlogger Alex Gonzaga explains her earnings through her successful video blogs. The YouTube channel of the Kapamilya actress and host Alex Gonzaga now has an accumulated views of 242,659,071 from her 83 uploaded videos. She joined last July 18, 2017, and now, she … Read more

Alex Gonzaga Vlogs Insensitive? Actress Reacts To This

Alex Gonzaga Vlogs

Alex Gonzaga vlogs are insensitive? ALEX GONZAGA VLOGS – The vlogs of the Kapamilya actress Alex Gonzaga are accordingly insensitive to which has earned a reaction from the female star herself. Aside from being an actress, Kapamilya star Alex Gonzaga is also known for her vlogs which have always entertained a lot of people making … Read more