Alex Gonzaga Challenge w/ Mikee, Paul, & Toni Has Some Revelations

Some revelations were made as Alex Gonzaga and Toni Gonzaga made this challenge with their husbands.

ALEX GONZAGA – “Nagka-lumpuhan” is fake news says Mikee Morada as they played a challenge for Alex Gonzaga’s YouTube update.

Among the most admired siblings from the show business industry is the Gonzaga sisters – Alex and Toni. Everyone knew they grew up under strict and traditional parents but that’s what many aspired to be because they are the women that they are now because of how they were raise.

People loved their obedience and patience to their parents despite the many changes that have happened and people admired how strict Mommy Pinty and Daddy Bonoy are but at the same time not too tight to their daughters. They followed their rules and did thed right thing.

And now that Toni and Alex are both married already, Alex, as a vlogger, saved up this challenge for this moment. Recently uploaded is the “Never Have I Ever Couple Edition” challenge with their husbands Mikee Morada and director Paul Soriano.

The first of the challenge included wholesome and general questions. Toni and Paul both admitted being guilty to things like being attracted to a co-worker, prioritizing work over partner, kissed someone they’re not in a relationship with, and among other things.

Meanwhile, Alex and Mikee both answered “I have” to questions like reading a partner’s phone without him or her, lied to each other, and many other topics. Toni and Alex also admitted to lying to their parents before regarding their partners because they are strict.

And the second part of the challenged transitioned to questions only allowed to be heard by adults. Both couple admitted to doing the thing in Amanpulo, Boracay, and Taytay. As for Mikee, he revealed that there was a moment that he want to do it but got rejected by his wife. He quipped, “Yung mga pinagmamalaki niyang lumpuhan, fake news.”


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