Refusal Letter Sample – Decline Job Offer

Here’s a refusal letter sample if you wish to formally decline a job that is being offered to you.

REFUSAL LETTER SAMPLE – This is a sample letter of formal refusal if you wish to decline a job that’s been offered to you through a letter.

How do you decline something that’s been offered to your formally and without sounding rude? More specifically, how would you turn down a job offer to you formally due to particular reasons? One of the main things to remember about this is to be polite and maintain professionalism. A sample letter is provided below

In rejecting an offer, you must weigh in the reasons as to why you want to decline for such reasons must be reflected formally and with respect in your document. Also, first and foremost, be sure that you really don’t want the job because once you send the letter, you cannot definitely take it back anymore. There are other people out there with potential eyeing the job that’s been offered to you.

See some tips below:

  • You won’t receive the same job offer again from that company if you reject it. Try to make negotiations first.
  • Express “Thanks for the opportunity” if you don’t like the company due to its culture, the products, or the prospective supervisor.
  • Communicate if you’re concern is about the salary being insufficient. If your negotiation of this matter fails, don’t forget to be grateful still and politely decline the offer stating this reason.
  • Proofread your letter and make sure that it is free of grammatical errors and there are no misspelled words.
  • Keep your letter brief and simple yet on point.

Here’s a format to use and some guide in writing: Business Sample Letter Format, Tips, and Guide

Check out a sample below:

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

Thank you so much for offering me the [Insert Job Title] position with [Insert Company Name]. Unfortunately, I am sad to inform you that I have already accepted a position with another company. I appreciate the time you made to discuss the job with me personally.

I am regretful to skip this opportunity from your company but again, I am grateful for your consideration in hiring me. I know you can find a suitable candidate for the position soon. I wish you and your company continued success and hope we will have the opportunity to work together in the future.




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