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Here’s how to write a VISA Invitation Letter sample

INVITATION LETTER SAMPLE – Here are some guides and tips in writing a formal invitation letter for VISA application when going to other countries.

To host someone, like a friend or a parent, but you’re in another country, it is necessary that they ensure VISA to make their stay legal and allowed so as to avoid conflicts. And part of VISA application is a VISA invitation letter. Although this is just a portion, this plays an important part as this is a requirement to get B2 travel VISA.

This letter must be written by the citizen or the host. It is important that the host is a lawful permanent resident, has a registered living space, must have a valid relationship like a friend, girlfriend or boyfriend, or relative or member of the family, and have enoug room for the guest.

You must include the following details as a host:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Telephone number
  • Occupation
  • Home type (room/flat/rented home/owned home)
  • Status of the host in the host country (e.g. work visa, lawful citizen, or any other legal status)

And what you must include as a guest:

  • Full name of the visitor, as it is shown on their international passport
  • Visitor’s address and phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Relationship between guest and host
  • Trip purpose
  • Exact entry and exit date

(See correct format here: Invitation Letter – Guides, Tips, and What To Include)

Check out a sample below:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am [Name of Host] and I live in [Address of Host], [Country of Host]. I am writing this letter to act as a support for the VISA application of [Name of Visitor]. He is a citizen of my native country, Philippines, living at [Visitor’s Address].

We have been friends for over 10 years and I would like to invite him to come visit me between March 4, 2020, to April 4, 2020, during which time we can visit the country together.

I am a professor and my income is a total of [insert sum] per year. This means that I am capable to support him financially in terms of accommodations and any other necessities. He will be staying at the address stated above where I am living and I am fully responsible for him. Also, within those dates that he will stay with me are also the days I am off at work and with this, I will be able to give him my full attention.

My apartment has an extra room in it which I will give to [Name of Visitor] during his stay. During his stay, we will be visiting [State main attractions that you plan on visiting] and as his stay in the country expires, he will be returning to his home country.

This letter will be presented to you by [Name of Visitor] along with other supporting documentation. We hope that you would kindly consider this request and I assure you that he will return even before his stay here ends.


[Name of Host]
[Address of Host]
[Phone Number of Host]
[Signature of Host]  

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