Employee Resignation Letter Sample

Here’s An Employee Resignation Letter Sample You Can Use As Guide

EMPLOYEE RESIGNATION LETTER SAMPLE – Here is an example of a resignation letter you can use as a guide in writing your own.

There are a lot of sample letters online. That is why there is not much problem when you are tasked to do a certain type of letter for the first time. You have a lot to choose from that can serve as your guide in writing your own letter.

These samples letters include examples of letters usually used in schools, in offices, and by particular groups of people like employees. Truths be told that letter is the most utilized formal communication in the different fields.

Employee Resignation Letter Sample

From the application to a work until the resignation or retirement, a letter is an official and essential document that is part of the process. It is great if it contains a message of gratitude, your reason for resignation, and your willingness to help the company before officially signing out. Here is an employee resignation letter sample:

December 24, 2020

Owner, President
Tetiangco Group of Companies
Palawan, Philippines

Dear Mr. Tetiangco:

Good day! I am writing this letter to inform you of my resignation from my position as the head accountant of Tetiangco Group of Companies. I am truly thankful for the three years full of opportunities and learning experiences I got under your company.

I and my family will be migrating to Canada as the petition of my wife who is a nurse abroad has already been signed. It is a huge opportunity not only for me but as well as for my children.

I am certain that I can finish all the tasks given to me as of this writing before January 10, 2020. Meanwhile, my last day can be on January 15, 2020 and I am very much willing to help for a smooth transition of the job from me to another person you wanted to take the position.

Thank you so much for all those excellent years, sir. More power!

Respectfully yours,


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