JC Alcantara’s Jollibee Commercial Entitled “Apo”

JC Alcantara’s Jollibee Commercial “Apo” Features Grandparents-Grandchild Love

JC Alcantara’s Jollibee commercial entitled “Apo” paved the way for many opportunities for the young actor.

Jollibee is one of the fastfood chains in the Philippines whose commercials are really much-awaited by the people. Many of its TV commercials have hooked viewers and taken social media platforms by storm.

Undeniably, one of the things that many people love most about the commercials of Jollibee are the inspiring messages they convey to the viewers. Another thing is that they are based on true stories.

One of the most-loved commercials of Jollibee is the commercial entitled “Apo”. It was released in 2017 and starred by JC Alcantara who was a teenager then from Nueva Ecija.

JC Alcantara's TV Commercial

JC Alcantara‘s Jollibee commercial featured the love between grandparents and grandchild. It was based from a true story. The young man was reminiscing his childhood days on his way home to his grandparents’ house in the province.

He was raised by his grandparents as his parents were working in Dubai. Even at their old age, they managed to raise him well until the time that he had to leave for college.

His grandparents did not fall short on reminders before he left for the city. He graduated and found a job. On his first salary, he went home with a deep longing for his grandparents.

Upon arriving, he saw a letter on the table and it was addressed to him. Through the letter, his grandmother told him that they were not able to wait for him as his grandfather is already hungry so she asked him to just follow them in Jollibee.

Many people love JC Alcantara‘s Jollibee commercial most especially the message it brought. Here’s a copy of it posted by Jollibee Studios on YouTube:

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