MUST-WATCH: Other Side Of Jollibee Commercial ‘Bestfriend’ Story Hooks Netizens

Jollibee commercial Bestfriend caught the attention of the netizens on the social media.

JOLLIBEE COMMERCIAL BESTFRIEND – The other side of the story of the commercial of Jollibee entitled ‘Bestfriend’ hooked the netizens on the social media.

It was not too long ago when commercial videos by Jollibee took the online world by storm. One of their commercial videos which greatly captured the attention of the people was their ‘Bestfriend’ story which was inspired by a true story.

Based on the said commercial, a guy and a girl met inside the fastfood chain after an unexpected scenario wherein they ordered the same set of food. Things went pretty well between the two of them since that day.

It was evident in the video that the guy started to feel something different for the girl. He even waits for her despite how tired he is from work. He was sure since the day they met that ‘she’s the one’.

However, opposite to what many viewers would want the story to go, they did not end up together. The girl married another guy and her bestfriend, despite the fact that they did not end up together, wished her happiness.

Jollibee Commercial Bestfriend
Screengrabbed from Video posted by Juicy Minds on YouTube

Recently, a video posted on the Facebook page Random Photos  caught the attention of the netizens as it showed the other side of the Jollibee commercial Bestfriend story.

Based on the video, there was another woman whom the guy met first in the fastfood chain. They became bestfriends and she tagged him as ‘the one’.

However, after seeing the moment wherein the guy met another girl, she realized that she was not the one that guy wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Yet, the girl promised to remain as a friend to him, to support him, and to be there whenever he needs her.

After seeing the girl cry on the other girl’s wedding, the guy figured out what his first bestfriend feel for him. They met again in Jollibee and there was a sign of a happily-ever-after.

“Minsan pala, kung maghihintay ka lang, darating din ang perfect para sa’yo.”

The Jollibee commercial Bestfriend video has already reached more than six hundred thousand views and twelve thousand shares on the online platform. Lots of netizens also tagged their other friends in comments along with advising them to eat in Jollibee.

There are lots of Jollibee commercial videos that have melted the hearts of netizens. Based on a previous report, its ‘Date’ and ‘Parangal’ have also captured the people’s attention.

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