Jollibee’s “Choice” Valentine’s 2019 Video Goes Viral, Impresses Netizens

Viral Valentine 2019 Video of Jollibee Entitled “Choice”

JOLLIBEE – The Valentine’s special video of Jollibee entitled “Choice” for 2019 went viral on the social media and impressed netizens.

Every February, lots of people await the Valentine’s special videos of Jollibee, one of the most prominent and patronized fast-food chains in the Philippines.

The said fast-food chain usually releases videos inspired by true stories on the love month. Undeniably, each never fails to take the social media by storm and leave the netizens inspired.

Photo lifted from PhilStar

Recently, Jollibee released its first true story-inspired video for Valentine 2019. The video entitled “choice” went viral on the social media and left netizens impressed and inspired.

In the video, three characters were introduced – Ann, Paul, and Jay. It focused on loving two people amid the pursuit of finding for “The One”.

Ann felt being in between her love for Paul and her blossoming love for Jay. Paul is someone who really knows her, who has been with her since they were in college, and someone she has a deep connection with.

Jay is an office-mate of Ann. With him, she began to know herself more and it’s also his priority to make her happy. Both of them visibly love her and have a part in her life and heart.

Unexpectedly, there is a twist in the story featured in the Valentine’s special video of Jollibee entitled “Choice”. Surely, not everyone expected what was unveiled in the later part of the video.

Here is the Valentine video in courtesy of Jollibee Studios posted on YouTube:

As of this writing, the video has already reached more than 1.4 million views on YouTube. It also abruptly circulated on social media.

Here are some of the comments on the video:

Mia G: “So it turns out, the story isn’t about her choosing between 2 persons, but it’s about her choosing between letting go of her love for a man who unfortunately died and falling in love again with another man. Kaya pala To Love Again ang background song. Wow ang galing, I’ve never seen this coming. Congrats, Jollibee!”

Frustrated Singer: “I watched this commercial again just now and yet again, I cried just like that…”

Cherry Mae: “This is so touching and very inspiring. The twist is unpredictable.”

Steven Joe Ramos Noora: “I love the twist! I love the film! I love it all!”

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