Facebook Collaborates With Microsoft To Spot “Deepfake” Videos

Facebook Collaborates With Microsoft To Spot “Deepfake” Videos

FACEBOOK – The company behind Facebook said on Thursdat that it collaborated with Microsoft Corp to launch an event to spot “deepfake” videos.

Image from : Facebook Brand Resources and Microsoft Customer Stories

According to GMA News, the social media platform invested $10 million to an event called the “Deepfake Detection Challenge, which is focused to contribute to detection research.

The social media giant further commissioned researchers to make realistic “deepfakes” or altered videos so that they can create a set for testing tools to detect such videos.

The videos are set to be released in December and will show paid actors, the company said. They further added that there will be no user data that will be utilized.

As per the report, social media platforms like this one, as well as Google and Amazon, are under fire by government agencies in order to deal with the issue of deepfakes, which are altered hyper-realistic videos created by artificial intelligence (AI).

Although no one has actually made a well-made deepfake video, it could cause a possible threat which was demonstrated by a “cheapfake” )cheap deepfake) video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The Democratic National Committee further demonstrated the danger in deepfake videos on August by making one with Chairman Tom Perez, whose face was used to trick audience at a hacker convention that the actual Tom Perez Skyped in the conference.

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Media Forensics head Matt Turek said that the videos gives an advantage for opponents who aims to make manipulated media.

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