Facebook Fixes Flaw In Messenger Kids Allowing To Chat With Strangers

Facebook Fixes Flaw In Messenger Kids Allowing To Chat With Strangers

FACEBOOK – The company behind Facebook recently noticed that a flaw in Messenger Kids allows children to chat with total strangers.

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According to PhilStar, the company revealed in response to an AFP inquiry that they shut down the involved group chats and notifies parents that their kids might possibly communicate unintentionally with strangers not approved by the parents.

They added that they also turned of the chats and gave the parents additional resources on the kids app as well as online safety.

The Verge, a tech news website reported first on the development, then publishes a copy of the warning informing parents that the said flaw allowed a kid’s friend to make a group chat which involves individuals who are not on the child’s list of approved connections.

As per the report, involvement in the group chat was until now restricted by parents or whoever has the right to.

Messenger kids as introduced in December 2017 to allow children between six up to twelve years old to connect with others under parental supervision. The app was meant to be a safe environment for children since they had been online without any safe guards.

Facebook is currently working to reconstruct the trust of users and regulators and could cause a scrutiny as to whether they violated the law involving the privacy of children.

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