Google To Level Up On Their Fight Against “Deepfakes”

Google To Level Up On Their Fight Against “Deepfakes”

GOOGLE – Internet and technology giant Google recently said that it leveled up efforts to fight “deepfakes” via data release.

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In relation to the issue of deepfake videos or altered videos, social media giant Facebook made a collaboration with tech giant Microsoft, in making a contest called the “Deepfake Detection Challenge”.

In that event, they commissioned researchers who are going to make a deepfake video in order to develop a tool to detect these fake videos. This is in response to government agencies who addressed the issue of deepfakes which will be used by opponents who aims to make manipulated media.

Recently, the Alphabet-owned giant currently released new data in order to help the researchers detect these videos.

According to ABS-CBN, the data will be used as benchmarks to see if such a video has been altered.

Analysts expect that realistic deepfakes will be used to hinder the upcoming 2020 US Elecetions.

Nick Dufour of the giant’s Research division and Andrew Gully of Alphabet’s child Jigsaw, said in their blog that they created thousands of deepfakes from the publicly available deepfake generation methods.

They also released synthetic audio for the same purpose and are working with industry partners to spot deepfakes.

As per the report, the company’s chief executive Sundar Pichai said that detecting manipulated video is currently one of their most vital challenge.

Yasmin Green of the research division of Jigsaw also said that the released data represents “the largest and most diverse public dataset” of deepfakes for researchers.

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