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Twitter Upgrades to HTML5 interface for iPad

Twitter Upgrades to HTML5 interface for iPad

Goodbye to “Old Twitter”, say Hi to “New Twitter”. You can now check  Tweets via your iPad without any official app.

Almost one year ago when the Twitter announced a major redesigning in their website and launch the new version of Twitter, but still the user can still have the choice if which version should they prefer to use and continue the previous version until this past few days. Thus, the company has already make warnings regarding to the switching off of the old version and make it very compulsory to the users to be switched to the new version permanently since June 2011.

On August 3, 2011, Twitter has officially shutdown their social media service using the old version of Twitter. Finally the company took decision and gives the old Twitter a rest. The company claims of a more efficient and user-friendly social media service that a new Twitter can offer.

Even though this news is quite bad for those who loved the old version and not having fun of the upgrades but still the company had taken a persistent effort of redesigning the site that obviously suggest that they really want to pursue the upgrade.

Recently, Twitter takes another one step in improving the site.  Through a tweet made by the company, Twitter said that they will be going to launch a HTML5 version of the social networking website as soon as of this week. This step is going to improve its mobile website service and make it more user-friendly especially for those iPad users.

Twitter refused to give any further details regarding the said innovation. But according to Carolyn Penner, the spokesperson of the company said as quoted from AllTechNews that, “The HTML5 app provides a great option for people who prefer to use the browser over native apps. Its two-column view is consistent with the Twitter experience you’re used to (on, and it takes advantage of touch gestures and other device capabilities.”

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