Foods Bad for Asthma — Here’s A Surprising Fact Many Asthmatic Individuals Don’t Actually Know

Guide on the Foods Bad for Asthma that Asthmatic People Should Know

FOODS BAD FOR ASTHMA – Here is a surprising fact that a lot of asthmatic individuals are actually not aware of that they are already triggering the disease.

One of the respiratory diseases common among many people is asthma. It is a chronic lung illness characterized by an inflammation and tightening of the muscles in the airways. It causes breathing difficulty and is triggered by a lot of factors.

Foods Bad for Asthma
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Cough, sudden changes in the weather condition, allergies, and certain foods and ingredients can trigger an attack to an asthmatic person. Unfortunately, there are some foods that are bad for asthma but many asthmatic individuals are not aware of it.


Beans are among the common ingredients in cooking several dishes. In fact, many Filipinos love eating beans or having it in their foods. However, for asthmatic individuals, too much of it may double the negatives.

According to Greatist, beans is one of the main triggers of bloating. When gas builds up in the torso, it can result to pressure in the diaphragm and breathing difficulty. The combination of bloating, chest tightness, and stress can trigger an asthma attack.

Dairy Products

In the case of asthmatic individuals who are sensitive to lactose, it is an excellent move to stay away from dairy products which can trigger bloating that can further heighten the possibility of an asthma attack.

You may take some cheese and milk but it would be best if the in-take is on little to moderate amounts only.

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Are you a lover of pickles which is usually added in burgers? Unfortunately, it is one of the foods bad for asthma. It contains sulfites that can trigger an asthma attack. This advisory covers pickled cucumbers, peppers, saurkraut, onions, and fruits.

Processed Meats

Science advises asthmatic individuals to skip salami. Based on the article, asthmatic individuals are also advised to take processed meats moderately because of the sulfites and the other preservatives present in these meats. They also usually contain anti-inflammatory saturated fat.

Foods Containing Salicylates

This is case-to-case basis. Salicylates which is present in curry, tea, coffee, paprika, mustard, cayenne, and oregano can result to congestion or a runny nose if your body is not used to it. It is natural compound but not everyone is used to it.

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