Mojos Recipe From Shakey’s Japan: This Is How You Do It

Mojos Recipe

Shakey’s Japan reveals their Mojos recipe. MOJOS RECIPE – For people to have something to cook amid the quarantine, Shakey’s in Japan revealed their recipe for our all-time favorite – Mojos. Potato is everyone’s favorite – probably. You can eat in any way you want giving you that satisfaction of fullness and flavor all at … Read more

Calamansi – Best Recipe For Calamansi Juice (Philippine Lemon)

What’s The Best Way To Make Calamansi? CALAMANSI – This small little fruit is packed full of health benefits and is common all over the Philippines. The calamansi or “Philippine Lemon” is basically going to be your Filipino version of the classic lemonade. It’s also used to zest up some of the most well-known Pinoy … Read more

HALO-HALO: List of Usual Ingredients in Making Halo-Halo


Prepare A Tasty Halo-Halo Dessert w/ These Ingredients HALO-HALO – Here is a list of the usual ingredients in making this delicious and cold dessert. One of the best Filipino food that is a favorite of many people is halo-halo. Although many people like eating it during the summer season to ease the heat, there … Read more

LOMI RECIPE: How To Cook This Delicious Filipino Dish?

lomi recipe

Here is the easy-to-follow Lomi Recipe This Lomi Recipe is just as simple as 1,2,3 but it promises to create a delicious Filipino dish that is fit for the rainy season. Lomi or Pancit Lomi is a dish popular among Filipinos which is made with a variety of thick fresh egg noodles of about a quarter of … Read more

Filipino Style Beef Steak: Bistek Quick & Easy Recipe

filipino style beef steak bistek

Here’s the recipe of Filipino style beef steak, also known as Bistek Try this quick and easy recipe of Filipino style beef steak which is also known as Bistek and share it with your family and friends. According to the site of Kawaling Pinoy, Bistek is made of “beef slices braised in a mixture of … Read more

EASY DESSERT RECIPES: Simple Way To Do No-Bake Chocolate Tart

Easy Dessert Recipes

Easy dessert recipes to make chocolate tart without baking. EASY DESSERT RECIPES – Here’s is a simple and easy way with low cost ingredients to make a delicious chocolate tart without baking. Chocolate is probably the weakness of every child and the kid inside an adult body. It has this sweet and melting taste that … Read more