Meal Plan for Weight Loss — Here’s a 7-Day Guide to Drop those Stubborn Belly Fats

Guide on Meal Plan for Weight Loss to Achieve a Slimmer Figure

MEAL PLAN FOR WEIGHT LOSS – Here is a 7-day guide on what to eat to drop those stubborn belly fats and get that lean physique.

Weight loss is undeniably a challenging journey. You need to very disciplined not only in exercising but in every meal plan that you have to deal with. It will be a battle against your cravings.

Meanwhile, you can follow the 7-day meal plan for weight loss below to drop off those stubborn belly fats. No worries, the plan crafted by Medical Neds Today contains affordable natural products.

Meal Plan for Weight Loss
Photo Credit: Medshape Weigh Loss Clinic

Meal Plan for Weight Loss

Day 1

scrambled egg with spinach and tomatotuna salad with lettuce, cucumber, and tomatoapple slices and peanut butterbean chili with cauliflower ‘rice’

Day 2


oatmeal with blueberries, milk, and seeds
hummus and vegetable wraptangerine and cashew nutssesame salmon, purple sprouting broccoli, and sweet potato mash

Day 3

mashed avocado and a fried egg on a slice of rye toastbroccoli quinoa and toasted almondsblueberries and coconut yogurtchicken stir fry and soba noodles

Day 4

smoothie made with protein powder, berries, and oat milkchicken salad with lettuce and cornwhole grain rice cake with nut butterroasted Mediterranean vegetables, puy lentils, and tahini dressing

Day 5

buckwheat pancakes with raspberries and Greek yogurtvegetable soup with two oatcakesboiled egg with pita slices
fish tacos with slaw

Day 6

apple slices with peanut butterminted pea and feta omeletcocoa protein ballbaked sweet potato, chicken breast, greens

Day 7


breakfast muffin with eggs and vegetables
crispy tofu bowlcarrot sticks and hummuslentil Bolognese with zucchini noodles

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