Proposal Letter Sample

Here’s a proposal sample letter if you want to work with other businesses.

PROPOSAL SAMPLE LETTER – A guide on how to make or create a business proposal letter to your prospective client in a professional way.

Sending a business proposal letter is oftentimes made to introduce a product or provide solutions to problems faced by the other party. Making connections and transactions to other businesses is one way for each to gain benefits and in a sample letter presented below is a proposal letter which will serve as a guide for you.

To propose a partnership, provide marketing services, ask for sponsorship, propose an internal collaboration, and among any other reasons are what make up one proposal.

Check out below a proposal letter for a target investor:

Ian De Vera
5th Floor, ILY Building,
Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

May 12, 2002

Marcus Jordan
SVM Building
Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

Dear Marcus Jordan,

I have been told that your company is a great investor supporting local businesses. I have been informed of several businesses that prospered with your backing.

Currently, I am running a baking business at home. I am selling cakes and other pastries that I personally bake and after six months, the demands of my products dramatically increased, most with positive reviews. For this reason, I would like to have an expansion.

My home-made products are sold to private individuals and some local restaurants. My cakes and pastries are made without sugar which makes it special and appealing to a lot of people. I use natural sweeteners which is beneficial to health.

This special feature of my product attracted a national chain of restaurants and I was asked to supply them with my home-made goods.

In connection to this, I believe that your company’s financial help to buy me a mixing machine, bigger ovens, and pay two employees would be of great help. Investing with us will help you grow both in your reputation and financial aspects.

Attached hereby is a brochure of my products and a business plan regarding my expansion.

I greatly appreciate the time taken to read this proposal and would be happy to meet you to give more information about this matter. You can reach me anytime at 434-6565.


Ian De Vera


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