Combating Recession: U.S. economy growth enhances!

Combating Recession: U.S economy growth enhances!

It has been reported that the U.S economy growth has been enhanced after a severely devastating period of recession. The economic growth of U.S gained acceleration in the last three months of previous year 2011. The rate for this increase is 3.2% or correspondingly a 0.78% quarterly increase. This rate is compared to the annual … Read more

Deadly Suicide Attack hits Kabul Supermarket

Kabul Suicide Attack

Officials report that at least 8 people are killed and many injured in a suicide attack at a popular supermarket in Kabul, capital of Afghanistan. The market was visited mostly by foreigners. Police and the witness tell that the suicide bomber first opened fire on people and then detonated the explosives. The reports say that … Read more

Oldest Galaxy Revealed by Hubble Telescope!

Hubble Telescope

The Hubble Telescope has revealed a galaxy which scientists believe is the oldest one detected so far. The scientists believe that the galaxy is over 13 billion years old and subsisted 480 million years after the Big Bang. The NASA team believes that this was the tenure when formation of the galaxy was overdriven during … Read more

Emmanuel Adebayor joins Real Madrid on Loan

Emmanuel Adebayor joins Madrid on a loan

The Manchester City striker Emmanuel Adebayor has joined Real Madrid on a loan. The period is expected to last till the end of the month. It is expected that Adebayor will travel to Spain for a medical this Wednesday. Real Madrid can also avail the option of buying the 26 year old striker after the … Read more

Deadly Explosion Rocks Moscow’s Busiest Airport

Domodedovo Airport Moscow- Explosion

A deadly explosion hits the Moscow’s busiest airport Domodedovo killing 35 people and injuring more than 100 people who are believed to be in critical situation. The explosion is believed to be suicide attack. The investigators say that the explosion is a suicide that occurred in the arrivals hall. The President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev … Read more

A Women Speaks after 11 Years: Larynx Transplant Successful

Voicebox surgery

‘Good morning! I want to go home’ were the first words of Brenda Jensen. A woman in United States of America is now able to speak after eleven years as a result of state of the art larynx transplant. The voice box transplant is a huge success for both the doctors and the family of … Read more

Extending Hands: China and U.S pledge strong ties

Hu Jinato and Barack Obama aim stronger ties

The US President Barack Obama and the Chinese President Hu Jintao shake hands to pledge for a stronger and powerful future relation. The Chinese President said that the U.S and China should seek common grounds. Barack Obama is optimistic about this relation saying that China and U.S have a gigantic stake in each other’s success. … Read more